Bumpers test.


No other car can!

The above is a 2wd Vanagon. The Syncro is even stronger.

The front bumper, (a '70's design), offers safety for a small overlaping test, as it forms a full width dome.

It took ~ 40 years to  be recognized as a safety idea.


Here we can see how it reacts in a real life, small overlaping, crash test, vs a truck:

No danger for the driver, (or for the occupants), who declares:

"Left last Friday and decided to head to Okoboji/Spirit Lake region of Iowa as our daughter loves the Arnolds Park old fashioned amusement park. Just as we were entering Spirit Lake, it happened.

We were just getting to the outskirts of town heading down a county highway when we were coming up on a road that buy passed the two lane highway.

 Noticed a truck at the stop sign and thought nothing of it.

Unfortunately he never saw us (don't know how!), and pulled out and across the highway directly in front of us. 

Locked up the brakes and swerved at the last second, but collided at around 50-55 mph. Luckily no one injured, minus bumps and bruises, including the occupants of the truck (they had 3 boys with them). 

Truck was cited and given a ticket.

 The guy was incredibly sorry and just never saw us. 

The Syncro did its job, but it took a really hard hit." 

And a second small overlap case with an Audi A6(a 30 years newer model which is demolished vs Syncro's scratches! Do you remember the videos of the how much safer are the newer models? It may be but not vs a Syncro Vanagon!):

Here the Syncro driver complains about a pain into his eyes, (because of the jolt),  for some days.