A Syncro Heresy?

08 September 2017
The Syncro Heresy

(Approved by the Middle Ages. Patends pending).


Best 4x4 system. Syncro VCT, 1985.

Bulletproof , Mechanical, speedy, (not for races), powerful, both differentials lockers and the VCT as an auto, (percentage), lockable, central differential , maintenance free, (under normal circumstances).


Best passive safety cars. Syncro lifted, (but low  center of gravity, because of the 4x4's transmissions load), cars. 

Bumpers at the highest, legal, level.

Properly padded interior.

Special seats, with four points seat belts, used.

Mandatory bicycle helmet, (with Hans device), for the driver-passengers. (See Monash University white paper, here.).

Special debris safety window membrane.

No airbags needed. 

No airbags Allowed.

# 3

Best active safety cars. 

Syncro system for increased active safety, reducing the death rate, (according to the IIHS records for the upgraded 4x4 cars safety), from 10% to  50%, as you can see here.

Bulletproof mechanical systems for enhanced stability and driver correction.

Minimum electronics needed.

Minimum electronics Allowed.

"By the IIHS yardstick, the Autopilot Tesla is more than three times as dangerous as a typical passenger vehicle, even with all the advantages cited above".


Best minimum emissions  cars.

Surface discharge spark plugs, plasma ignition, fumes instead of liquid  fuels.

No Diesel engines allowed. 

No Electric engines, (powered by nuclear plants), allowed.

Please, don't let them to fool you: (update 14/October/2017)

"Now they want to ban ELECTRIC CARS? Shock as top pollution advisor calls for new crackdown".

"According to Professor Kelly, electric cars contribute large amounts of PM2.5 from their tyres, citing that because the cars are typically later and heavier because of the batteries, believing they could even produce more emissions than sea standard car".


The above, without considering the nuclear plants for the electricity...

No sir! It is not just fiction! (update 15/October/2017)

Please have a look:

Which simply means that adding the energy footprint, the electric cars are the most polluting cars!

Adding this and this to the equation, you can see the why the only viable solution is the plasma ignition and the "running on fumes", indirect injection, gasoline engines! (With the surface discharge spark plugs).

16/October/2017 Update

The American Plasma Energy Group.



The Syncro Driver's profile. 

The Driver, in a Syncro car, is not just a "driver" but a Pilot within a hostile environment and he treats the car and is treated by it, (in various ways), as such. 

He knows that his target is to zero the death rate for his car, (and for the co-occupants of  the road), using the enhanced active and passive safety of his vehicle, knowing that there are updates for both types of safety for the Syncro cars.
(More clarifications are coming).

He educates continuously himself, not in a general and indifferent manner, but in conjunction to his, lifetime, beloved, Syncro pet, (or tortured wild animal).

For those which do not respect the above conditions,

No Syncro license is allowed!

And, (as you can expect), driving a Syncro,
No Drinks/Drugs are allowed.



Not for this Heresy:

The "Green" diesels, the direct injection, the Eurovan substitution of the Vanagon, the comeback of the, 60's, chains for the camshaft/s drive, so wrong as the substitution of the g60 for the vr6, the Haldex, (and the similar), 4wd transmission, solid axle for the front suspension2wd suvs, the various vulnerable electronic vehicle controls, the auto drive/brake systems, the blue/violet, eye destructive, cluster lighting,  e.t.c., e.t.c...


                                 "You may say I am a dreamer but I am not the only the one..."


18 July 2019

Once upon a time, any heresy was a crime. The new learning had to be distinguished from the arbitrariness.

Today goes the other way around. The orthodoxy is an heresy and the new learning must be immediately applied over the masses. They cannot wait for anything, ignoring the consequences. Having problems with their antagonism are trying to export their agony to their customers all over the world. But you know something? They do not call us "customers", internally, at the highest levels. They call us, simply, "the peasants".

Once upon a time, when I was a child, my mother had a floor polisher with the brand name "Progress".

Still I am wondering: is This the Progress?

The Syncro Heresy 
(Not an active link anymore, but α Final Destination).

No madam...