An old timer car. 

( "Road & track", article: "European Influence", of the '90s. 
The top rear bench rate:
Surpasses, by far, even that of the  Mercedes 190E!).        

                No nasty surprises!
                   (Audi S7,  from  the "Bild")


28 March 2023


Whatever they say in order to convince…


A reviewer in a Greek car magazine, (I cannot name it, you know), says: “the new cars consume half the fuel”.


Trying to find the data to compare my Passat Syncro g60 to the corresponding nowadays model had some difficulties since there is no vw car to correspond exactly to my Passat b3.


It seems that the obvious solution would be the Passat b7 alltrack, but there is no 1.8l edition for that.


So I believe that the nearest comparison may be to Passat, (sedan as mine), b5, (2004), 1.8t 4motion and, for a newer candidate, to the Golf alltrack, (2018), TSI.


I couldn’t find something more proper than these two for comparison. I am waiting for any suggestions, if you like.


So these two vw’s have exactly the same consumption figures. I give them for the city and for the high way circles. The red color is for my Passat g60 Syncro figures:

                  Passat 4 motion 1.8t  (2004)      Passat Syncro g60

                  Golf alltrack 1.8 tsi   (2018)      (1992)


city          21 U.S. MPG (11.20 l/100km)           20.45 U.S. MPG  


high way   30 U.S. MPG (7.84 l/100km)            32.67 U.S. MPG



Myth debunked!