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Familiar to my Syncroventions?

Tesla is smiling.

T.v. antenna unlike
any other, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y9M...ew?usp=sharing
floating valves not giving feedback https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogq...ew?usp=sharing
to each other.

No missing signals
from the air,
no blurred signals
on the air.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Beeps and bums 
and burning lights,
smokes and thunders
and delights,

currents, voltages
through air,
sparks and arcs
but no despair.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Yesterday a burning light
flawlessly hovering at night,
a message carrying to the site:

"Tesla is smiling". (From height).

The Syncro Heresy

07 April 2020

Coronavirus passport.

Any, exclusive, id, 
to break any quarantine?

Wanted halogens or leds,
wanted xenons or experts,
able to make any of these,
twin, triplet, forced aircooled, id's?

Since never-ever these,
clarity and colories,
will be under of the hood,
of any car running the route,

these airforced triplet id's,
exclusively for the b3's,
now are the only, needed, id's,
to break any quarantines!

The Syncro Heresy


 21 July 2021 

#1 Nemesis!
(Scroll down, please). 

04 July 2022

#2 Nemesis!
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What's new:
 November 2023
There is a fake crash  test  between  a t5 and a cannibalized t3.
It is a video in the Youtube.

It is a very strange situation, because it seems that an hidden entity is trying to slander the t3?

Is it because the price is going upwards, continuously, especially the Syncro, against the newer models?

This test, as it is said by a Youtube reader, and, as I can prove, is not one with the t3 into normal construction and, rather, with Takata shrapnel airbags for the t5.

Of course never these tests are with a working engine but, instead, a catapult is used, so the tremendous safety point, in the real life crash tests, which a t3 has without any fuel line near the occupants is, systematically, ignored and my comments deleted.

More asap.


08 January 2024


Some people, (from various countries), attack the blog the last few months.

The cloudflare gives me a lot of weapons to stop it and they are valuable.

I tried to block an IP, to block a country, to activate the “fight the bot” mode or to activate the “under attack” mode.

Everything works perfectly!

So, for the moment, I choose two weapons, only, (that is why you see a challenge when you are trying to get in and a yellow alert gif for the fight mode), but it is very easy to activate more. It is funny isn’t it?

Have a Happy New Year!


09 January 2024


As I told you into my previous post, a very questionable crash test, fulfilled by a Swiss insurance company called ¨ΑΧΑ¨ is under investigation.


My research illuminates some novel manners for the automotive ideas: ¨ΑΧΑ¨ introduces fake crash tests! At least for one of them, officially, they admitted that it was fake!


The crash test, which attracted my attention is between a VW T3,  (2WD, which is an important distinction, for this combination), vs a VW T5, made in ¨ΑΧΑ¨.


But, firstly, let me show to you the prism through which, here in the Syncro Heresy, we see it.


Here is the fake crash test, (fake as ¨ΑΧΑ¨ officially recognizes it):

And here “AXA” apologizes:

Fake fire at crash show: AXA apologizes – “No damage to the underbody”

After the crash test, AXA admitted to 24auto.de that the electric car had been manipulated.

 The batteries were removed and the Tesla was ignited using pyrotechnics. (Blog’s underlying).

 Now, again in response to a specific request from 24auto.de, the insurance company also had to revoke the last alleged risk of electric cars: the dangerous damage to the underbody after crossing a traffic island with a risk to the batteries did not even exist.





Now let me to introduce to you what all the syncronauts are waiting for: t3(2wd), vs t5, AXA crash test!!!


Someone says that he knows something strange about this AXA crash test:




Of course this is not enough to admit that this crash test is not... hmm... accurate also, so we have to elaborate, (a little bit).



18 January 2024









I am glad to announce that, a  Vanagon Syncro modification, with upgraded active and passive safety, is designed and, partially, ready for implementation, privately, DIY, for anyone who would like it: the  VW Vanagon Syncro mkII by Hellenic Vanagon.



21 February 2023


A lot of research and preparation, in syncro mode, with inspiration, is the guide.  




The road on the rocky mountain...

Digging for the road on the rocky mountain, the explosives fell short and the high-tec excavators overheated early!

Now we have, just, the fireworks and the inspiration...

The crew of a non crew mission.

22 February 2023


So...here we are and some changes are in effect from now on:


#1 All the inventions/syncroventions will take an identity number, (a random invention’s number / day/ month/ year), for easy reference.


#2  As a reminder for the AI stupidity, (for the moment at least), in accordance to an infinite number of multi named Phds, a question for a solution to a problem will be given to some AI entity.


The first  answers, to given problems, are for laughs really!


The Syncro Heresy.


(The car  of the above photo is equipped, (between others), with the  Heresy exclusive, Aircooled Reversed Triplet Halogen headlights, (Excellency edition), Syncrovention, and with the, Heresy exclusive, Surface Discharge Plasma ignition,  Syncrovention).