Inventions for the public.


αἰέν δημιουργείν 




          «No, this cannot be done

 But… it is created by Hellenic Vanagon, an inventor!


Inventions tailored to your needs!

Inventions specifically for you!(The industry can wait).

Inventions on white paper or fully materialized, (depending

on  the circumstances).

Inventions exclusively for peaceful purposes, (not for war).



Ηere is my latest achievement,  after two years of development,   (for Syncro cars only):

The  h4 MariaV halogen bulb:     




The catalogue of inventions is populated with new ideas and creations, continuously, every day.

Just in the case you want a cooperation, I can create something for you, exclusively.

To activate this idea, there is a simple procedure:

1)You answer to this message using the email below.

2)I will tell you if it is possible for me to undertake the task, (so details will be needed).

3)Next, I will send you a first draft of the idea.

4)I will proceed, if it is possible to materialize it, with my basic equipment, or we will find together the best possible solution.


     The economics of the project is a matter of our agreement, according to the difficulty.


       (Believing  that, sooner or later, everything will be for free).




                                         Hellenic Vanagon



                                       [email protected]        



Are you familiar to my inventions?

Here are some of mine inventions.     


And to my syncroventions? 

t3 syncroventions 

b3 syncroventions 


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May  2022