Fake Syncros!

This, (Haldex), t5, is trying to be a Syncro!
(But it can't as you can see here: Haldex t5 vs Syncro t3).

And this Mitsubishi Delica is trying the same thing:

 (But it can't, also, as you can see here: Syncro t3 vs Delica, L300).


They have to be promoted as "Syncro" in order to be "the good, the real thing". Trying to sell Dokas Haldex t5  as Syncros:

(Click on the image to enlarge).

The page as appears on 27/April/2017.



Fake for sure...
(There must be a wrong...don't know, can't believe it...).


LLLLLLLLLLLand Rover Syncro!?

Going inside the Youtube you will see as a subtitle to this video:

VW Syncro at Devils Pit (2005) no:8


  Did you want, always, a Syncro but you could have a Land Rover only?

You can just name it "Syncro" and that's it, you have done your dream!


The creator  of this, very special, video, comments:


 Now, nor for him neither for anybody else can remain the slightest doubt about what the hauled car in the video is: 

it is a (Landy) Syncro!







 "Yes, the t5, ( Haldex, click!),  is another type of a Syncro car! 

Yes it is the same thing! It is, just, as good, as a very good Syncro!

Yes a good  Steyr Syncro is a  very rare, odd and  old thing!

Yes this t5 is better, it is  the real thing!

All these 4wd cars, they are, yes why not, they are called Syncros!

 (F.ex. my father, when see his neighbor with his Jeep, asks him: how is going your Syncro?).

 Buy it and you will see..."    



Fake Syncros-original dialogues.

There is this YouTube video:

The title of this video is:

"KombiLife MultiCamper Syncro Part 1"

And the badge on this t5 is:

Here are the comments:

The Syncro t3 conquers the "Big Red". 

Yes, it is possible that you cannot see the total dialogue there...

Yes I know...It is so difficult to accept it: