Front grill, g60 suction, optimization.

The Symmetrical Four.


This project started as an answer to this question: upgrading from the initial, g60's, 160 hp, to ABT's chipped  190 hp, is the air from the central channel through the VW's emblem enough?

You see, having the air cooled look, b3 has only this way of air to feed the injection system.

The answer comes from the ABT, which recommends  abt's  front grill, with extra openings for better suction.

 But, with this, you have to say bye bye to the "air cooled spirit", plus, its construction is not of the same value as the original.

So the next question is how to verify that more air flow, than the original permits, is needed.

Since there are no specific equipment for the measurements, and in order to have some benchmarks, I decided to try the original front grill but without the emblem, giving much more square centimeters for the air flow.

The results were more than expected! An immediate increase in power was obvious, especially in high, (170 km/h +), speeds.

So the puzzle now  is how to have the original grill, with the original emblem, (for aesthetic reasons not disturbing the initial concept ), but with increased air flow.


 Step #1

Thinner emblem, occupying less square centimeters, allowing for a better air flow.

 The standard emblem.

 The thinner emblem.

Step #2

 Suction scoop optimization.

As you can see here, 1992 g60 Passat edition has a special scoop to increase the suction. But, unexpectedly, there is an obstacle, the hood support, which is there from the previous editions, without the scoop.

It's base is removed...


Hood's support new home position.

The surface needs some treatment.

Smoothing the air flow.

Smoothing the upper complement.

Step #3

One more air flow restriction point: the right support plate. It is exactly on the air's path.

Removed without any negative consequences.

Free skies!

The initial support position.

The new support position with the new, shorter, support lever.

Step #4

No harm to the air cooled concept solution. (Nobody can locate it).

The area of the extra airflow path is designed to be equal to the  emblem of the grill.
So, the total air path now is  equal to a no emblem grill.
(Epoxy glue used for the stabilization of the material of the new air path).

And since this is a high pressure area, (red window):

But considering the results, also,  there is a


Step #2

Absolutely unexpected results!

Is coming....