Teflon belt for any, (car), cassette player, diy.

Finally found a way to make belts for the old cassette players/recorders, (and for any other use), derived from the common plumbers teflon tape.

If the tension is adjusted properly, (making the belt a little shorter), it works perfectly and, (it seems), for ever, being imperishable.

Not for high fidelity though, (I suppose), albeit, by adding working hours, wow & flutter looks as if it is reduced continuously.

Having a very low friction coefficient it looks strange how nicely teflon belt delivers motor's power to the rollers and to the capstan, making them almost unstoppable by the fingers.  


With 200 hours for break-in, (3 days operating continuously).

A song from the goddess Yma Sumac. 
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 18 August 2023

A Teflon belt endurance test, just finished.


From the year 2022 11 August up to the year 2023 11 August, every day, without a missing, my Sony cd radio cassette-corder, CFD-380 L, made 10 reciprocal movements of the cd moving board, which is connected to the driving motor through the Teflon belt, invented by Hellenic Vanagon.


Kudos the extra sturdy mechanical and electronic Sony construction, there was not even the slightest problem with the, 30 years,  used (!), mechanism and this gave the opportunity to the invented belt to  achieve 3600 x 2 acts=7200, (open-close), without the slightest sign of aging. On the contrary, it seems that the more is used the system gains in smoothness and velocity, (the water physics of the Teflon).


(In an every day cd user scenario, auditing 1 cd, at average, every day, the belt is proved to last, at least, for 10 years).


It seems that, with this Teflon belt , any kind of apparatus which is abandoned due to the lack of the proper drive belt, can be activated again, working perfectly and without the need of a new belt for every duty cycle, (of the belt).


You see, Hellenic Vanagon’s Teflon belts are, ultra low friction, zero tolerance, profile and tension self adjusted  and indestructible!




P. S.

A Sony TC-330 reel to reel tape machine, (of the 60’s, what a beauty), is the first candidate  for the new, (mkII seamless), Teflon belt. It uses a fat round belt to transfer a lot of torque to its reels.

The new Teflon belt, fabricated and took it’s position. In the beginning it needed a help by hand to start, since it was tight.

After many tries, the belt took the proper shape and size, (Teflon molecular movement),  the deck had a no slippage, (as previously), and, a perfectly, smooth operation with a wow&flutter struggling, continuously, the more it is used, for the first time,   to zero.