Brandt WTD 1276k Washer Dryer

05 November 2019

This is from my communication with the BRANDT manufacturer through YouTube:

"Just finished the repair of an unreperable, (according to your service), WTD 1276K dryer-washing machine. I am so happy because the nowadays technology gives me the opportunity to communicate directly with you. You see, my first Brandt "statomatic 581 sechante", (dryer-washing machine), was a dream machine of my youth, (1979), but seven years after the first run, and when just I was ready for the army, it demolished!  

Many decades after, I thought that I could trust you again since the technology is progressing and I bought your WTD 1276K dryer washing machine.  

This time the mean time between failure reduced to only five years! (11 November 2019 correction: three years). The right axle gasket, (teflon), was broken and the water came out through the right drum bearing. Putting a new viton gasket I thought that everything will be o.k. but, seven years after the base bearing-air channel brake in pieces since was corroded by the water.

I repaired it and the machine keeps going, (I was able to solve and other problems such us corroded door inners from bleach, not working keyboard, right axle corrosion), but excuse me no Brandt for me or for my relatives again.

Thank you for your time, very happy I was able to give you my complaints directly."

Here is the repaired bearing base-air channel.

It is repaired from a Dassault Aviation certified technician, since it is very fragile and of top difficulty.

Points of interest:

#1 The inner aluminum surface is dual material covered plus thick aluminum foil under the heat resistances, (coffee box sealant).

#2 Between the upper and the lower part of the bearing base, an aluminum bar offers grounding of the vibration harmonics, as well as, serves as a mechanical sensor in the case of any circumference deformation.

08 November 2019

A Synchro motor, (not a 4wd at all but a mono-awd for shure),  with a free wheel, as a real Syncro. 

 The motor pump which is introduced here is a Synchro, auto reverse with a free wheel impeller motor.

As a real Syncro has a free wheel, which I do not find strange any more, since my bicycle and my car have it, why not and my "Lavante-Se'chante" machine. (More about that later).

The drain pump, very similar but not identical to this

was noisy.

Now is quiet through the two steps:

#1 By making the magnetic rotor oil cooled using Red Line 10w40 automotive oil.

The motor is composed of a waterproof cylindrical container, stator, and a rotating cylinder, rotor. The system is sealed against water but in mine the o-ring or the axle bushing, (or both),  failed and the water was in.

Impeller, cup, o-rings, new additional teflon sealing bushing, rotor.

The stators bushing, as it was, full of water.

Decided to reinforce  the o-ring and the bushing with teflon, (an always  successful technique), but, in addition, to fill the empty cylinder with oil, so even if the seals fail again, there will be no chance for the water to come in.

On the other hand, the bushings will have now a permanent life-time lubrication. 

#2  By lubricating the free wheel of the impeller!

This is not an option for these pumps which, having the same design, are based on the same principle in order, (just a theory), to overcome, to an extend, the clogging. 

When out of the case and on the test bench, at least, the pump auto reverses when senses an obstacle not being able to rotate. But the available torque may not be enough to start so here is the role of the free wheel for the impeller. Into the center of  the impeller there is a mechanism which engages when reversing with a slack of  one rotation, (less or more), so the motor is able to start rotating although the impeller is stacked, giving to the stator some crucial tenths  of a second before it meets  the resistance of the obstacle. 

This mechanism found to be noisy in my pump, so it had to be lubricated making a 3 mm hole on the center which had to be tapped with epoxy afterwards: 

Since all these pumps are Italian, let me express it in their native language:

Risultati: uno dolce punticele!

(Sound archive asap).

15 November 2019

The oil floating drain pump:

28 January 2020

The dryer does not operate at all.

After a d23 code, (it was not the clixon), the mini, main board, relay found defective, not touching the platinum points.

It is the white one.

After cleaning and adjusting, everything seems to be o.k. again. (What a stupid design).