Climatronic repair.


"If you want to DIY your climatronic, you have to accept such a mess", they said:

And I accepted:

The foam of the air ports was defected-non existed:

First thought to cover them with "armaflex" since it forbids the dew formation.

(The brown tiles floor made by the blog's author).

But it's surface is porous and prone for bacteria housing and, more or less, aging.

So I cover "armaflex" with aluminum tape, minimizing the previous problems but forming a surface not absolutely elastic which is needed in order to seal  the air clapets.
(to be continued)


With a little pressure, the edges of the ports bedded nicely on the frames and, after four years of use, it seems that there are no problems of tightness.

The two exchangers, cooling liquid to air and freon to air, washed with a special solvent used by refrigeration technicians for air conditioners and looked, after 21 years of use, in good condition.

  The Valeo unit after the reconstruction.

Some step motors where inoperative causing various codes at the control   unit.

They rescued serviced properly. (Cleaning, lubricating, adjusting).

(A similar situation was with the headlights step motors, which, after some unexpected difficulties, worked perfectly, too).

(to be continued)


Yesterday a malfunction occurred, (ECU diode problem), and trying to fix it, I bought a new trinary valve.

It is exactly what you see in the next photo:

The unexpected is that the cables where reversed, the red where are the blue and vice-versa, resulting no operation.

It took some, very difficult, inspections and some, no sense, theories up to the point of the wrong cables position discovery. If you face the same problem this may be the case.

Some useful info:

Are you going to change the freon 12 > 134a? Here, between others, is the exact quantity you 'll need:




Codes 4122 @ 4131. I had to remove the dashboard in a try for repair.

Changing Climatronics ECU and everything operates fine.

So the ECU had the problem and not the servomechanisms! Awkward.