Engine cooler, easy fix.




The "Irreparable" original BEHR cooler, for vehicles with air conditioning and with  towing capacity kit for the hot climate countries, having a price of 250 €, is repaired, perfectly, into 10 minutes, with a total cost  of less than a 0.1 €.

No other tools needed, the removal of the left headlight is a must.
(Passat b35i g60 Syncro)


Another crack point is discovered, (on the top of the left, (drivers), side).

Treated properly, (as above):

The new surfaces are  covered with ethyl2-cyanoacrylate, (Super Glue).

Results: No leakages at all.


#1 0.001 €  for the new plastic material, (a tiny part of a used tire up).

#2  0.001 € for a tiny quantity of glue.

#3 0.00??? for the wear of the soldering gun + electric power.

The same way was treated and this, which had more than 2 cracks.

A very cheap part, (~3 €), but it seems much more interesting to repair it than to change it, simply.

The Syncro Heresy