Videos from YouTube, t3.

That's why!

Das Syncro. Das awesome. Das Auto.

            The Art of the Science of 4x4.          

 Perfect style!

Hi Lenny! (& Martin)
(And high mountains).

Do not try this with your, (whatever), suv. 

Mission impossible.  

Tug of war.

Just in case someone is not familiar to this Chevrolet model, it is a dually 4x4 truck, with 300-400 hp, (it depends on the engine), and tremendous torque.

I mean something like this:

Unblocked from the lifting jack and rescued.

Absolutely proper!

New generation, you are welcome.

Syncro-Vanagon recipes.

All time classics.

(With a) Vanagon, (to the) Van Allen, (zone), Van life, (virtual reality nice work).

Thirty years, (plus), after, new generation you are welcome! 


Good luck! 

The cable shift, so much advertised from vw for the Corrado, (and the Passat b3),  found  the t3, finally, with a delay of 30 years. (So much better, so much proper).

A Syncro Vanagon is so unique, in so many different ways, that you, almost, cannot avoid to have it.

2wd to Syncro? Of course it is possible...

Very nice work.

No comments.

New generation, you are welcome!
(New generation, new Syncronauts heroes). 

Awesome, when your Syncro is your friend. 


Easily it may be a Syncro with even better results in terms of safety and stability.
Please, do not forget, that, the t3, has a unique stabilization equipment: the "secret spoiler" as 
you can see here: click! 

Avanti maestro! 

Take your suvs and come! 

A last, 2017, generation suv, with esc, esb, torque vectoring, auto drive, auto scroll, abs, ubs, usp, ups, etc, etc, can't achieve it? But why?  

Syncro in the new era: drones and leds. 

The Cruncher

New Syncronauts Generation, you are welcome!

The choice is yours, the best ever.

                               GoWesty  Pre-NORRA Beach Day.

  (Mr. Raptopoulos was right).




Happy person. Happy owner. Be happy!


A very nice Vanagon video. (The pre-Syncro era):


Just another car? Just another unique car? Just unique car? Just Unique? (Couple and car).

The TriStar


Home/Work/Work/Home/Gobi Desert....


Couple's best series video.
Iranian desert.