Passat b35i Syncro aerodynamics.


Cda=0.63 (Red rectangular).

Which means:

(Red rectangular).

The above is for the 2wd.

For the Syncro, from another source, I found this:

Scx (French system):

VOLKSWAGEN Passat 1.8 Syncro G60 1989 0.31 2.032 0.    630
(= Cda 0.63)

But this is not correct since the Syncro, (sedan), has Cd=0.32, because of this:

So the Cda for the Syncro is 0.32 x 2.031 (Cd x frontal area)= 0.65 (0.6499)

Which is , a tad, better,   than the Passat 2010 model, (4 motion), (20 years after):

                                 Passat 2010, (4 motion)        Cda=0.66 (0.6554)