Passat Syncro b3/b4 towing.


18 May 2022


When, first time, I saw this photo:















I wondered what the sheriff was going to do with his "HIGHWAY" patrol Syncro.

Did he wanted to record another "HIGHWAY blues" video, exactly just I have done?

No sir!

He, just, needed a tough car for his excavation operations:

Here is another tough Syncro b3 with her tough, (we safely can conclude),  owner:











 But no one is entitled to ignore the toughest combination of all: a 20 ton trailer with the b3 Syncro:










 But  how  is it possible? 

It is! Because a 2wd b3 is voted as the best car, (of its class), by Car&Driver, for towing:




So a Syncro 4x4 is even much more better.















The  Syncro power!


27 May 2022

A nice, lifted, Syncro  b35i, towing:
















Where an electric car is not capable to tow more than 1ton, here are the credentials for a Syncro b3: 














 The above  label is from mine Passat Syncro g60  trunk lid.





















With this, (original):




17.5 kgr. towing hitch, (with the bumper):

20 May 2022

A Syncro b4 heavy duty towing video, (on the rocks snow):




23 May 2022

 Some official (?) towing VW Syncro g60 pictures:

















  The Syncro Heresy