Here is a service for you.

New ideas, "syncroventions" as I call them, for our cars, made by me and repairs.

One by one I 'll introduce them to you, and, if you are interested, let me know here: comments page.

The transportation costs depends on the country, the town, the weight,  e.t.c., e.t.c., as you already know for sure.

For the beginning there are no fees, (yes, it is for free), as a promotion strategy, (syncrostrategy). After the first period, the fees will be very high, (something between thousands and millions),  so hurry up!

If spare parts are needed, they are  charged.

Here is my catalogue, hoping that there will be a continuous enrichment.


Teflon belts for anything. 

You send me the old belt or, better, your radio/cassette/cd, and a brand new teflon belt is made by me, just in case you cannot find the proper one.

More you can find here: click!


Power windows mechanisms service/repair. 

Send me the motors or the total mechanisms or the the problematic part. Defective units, usually, must be replaced by new ones.

More you can find here: click!


Surface discharge spark plugs.


Free Plasma for your, distributor ignition, Syncro. You send me the components and I send you back a ready Plasma unit for free, which means, no labor charge.

The matter is complicated, if you are interested let me know to discuss it.

More you can find here: click!


Dual color dash switch.

For the Passat b3 and, (may be), for the b4 and early Transporter t4/Eurovan, it is a nice to see the dash switches to be illuminated not only for the second stage but even for the first.

This may be with different colors, (usually red/orange), or monochromatic.

So you send me the switch and you receive it back with two  leds, or the O.E.M. lamp and one led in it.

Please, have a look: