Air lifting, (from auto leveling).


Using the Passatitsa's existing "Elektronische Niveauregelung", I am going to establish a, four corner, air lifting system.

The rear air struts are changed by red Koni shock absorbers and coils. The system will use air bags and the existing Wabco air compressor, with a double regulator, to control the rear or the front pressure.

Here it is:

In it's new aluminum/epoxy glue, shield, to stabilize the, very strong but polymerized, cover.
Based on a silent blocked subframe.


The compressor

No wear? (Made in 1992).


Well, the things are a little bit more complicated.

After the zero cost repair.

You see, although anything seem to be intact, the result was...0 psi.

Starting from the beginning, the dryer seem to be the guilty.

Dissasempling it ...

No air permeability.

The bag with the silica is going to be used again.

Cleaning and Hammeriting everything which is rusted.

Caps for the silica bag bag  from oven filter.

The silica bag  opened and washed, used as a cylinder, without caps, re-positioned.

Silica regeneration.

Oven filter ribbon, as a new seat for the teflon/graphite piston ring.

Trying to repair it, I found that it was the teflon/graphite piston ring which had a tiny wear, the bronze cylinder being unwearied but up side down by the technician who had no conclusion what to do with this old and strange animal, since WABCO does not offer any repair kit.

The solution cost me less than 0.00001 € , using a thin acrylic ribbon from the substance which is offered as an oven hood filter.

By this material an extra, light, air filtering is added, (having minuscule mass to disturb the weighted balance of the piston and it's double bearing crankshaft with counterweight), but simultaneously the piston ring is not allowed to shrink into the piston's head, 
supported just enough to achieve a full contact with the bronze's piston's wall.

The wrong cylinder position, (thin up).

The correct cylinder position, (thick up).

Changing the suction filter.

The old filter blocked by the dust.

The new one, as you may guess, made from oven filter, glued on the suction's well sides and pressed with multiple layers.

How it works into the sound shiel box.
With the cupboard and the trunk closed, nothing is heard, especially when running the car.