The RWD power..., e....hmmm, I mean the FWD power, e....hmmm, I mean the AWD power....


Golf II g60 limited (Syncro)

"The Syncro system does really make this a car for rushing like a tracer bullet out of one corner and into the next. Balancing on the throttle on fast sweepers loads the outside rear wheel and points the nose towards the apex, a source of immense driving pleasure. Distances are simply compressed by such impressive dynamic capabilities"
"Autocar & Motor", 11/October/1989.

"A few years ago a friend and I got up at 3am to drive down to Wales to spectate on the Lombard RAC Rally (well, the Wales Rally GB or whatever it now is). With bleary eyes and loads of coffee we drove down through Wales along lots of twisty back roads, perfect rally territory (and perfect for Police speed traps too - we were in no hurry). Out of nowhere a Subaru Impreza absolutely HAMMERS past, spitting flames out of the exhaust, clearly an enthusiastic spectator out trying to emulate Colin McRae.

Glued to his back bumper though, and every bit as quick, was a Golf G60 Limited. Never forgotten seeing that flash of blue around the grille in the mirror and the whine as it surged past, on the limit".

"allé retour"
The electro-pneumatic mechanism for the reverse 4wd, is working perfectly to overcome the freewheel.

"You don't have to be big to be a Syncro..."


The Syncro Power!


Golf II: Konstruktion und Funktion.


The Syncro Era!


Golf II Syncro rescues.


(Since you are asking for...)

Syncro, (front main drive),


Subaru Impreza!

16 October 2019

A not just Golf MKII 1.8t but a Syncro, vs a BMW M5:

29 January 2020

Golf II Syncro 16v, Golf II g60 intro:

26 May 2021

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