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Familiar to my Syncroventions?

Tesla is smiling.

T.v. antenna unlike
any other https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y9M...ew?usp=sharing
floating valves not giving feedback https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogq...ew?usp=sharing
to each other.

No missing signals
from the air
no blurred signals
on the air.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Bips and bums 
and burning lights
smokes and thunders
and delights,

currents, voltages
through air,
sparks and arcs
but no despair.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Yesterday a burning light
flawlessly hovering at night
a message carrying to the site:

"Tesla is smiling". (From height).

The Syncro Heresy

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Various projects are running simultaneously this period and this is the reason for the lack of  my daily registrations.

I 'll be back asap.

Thank you for your time.

30 September 2019

Underneath the Passat Syncro g60.

10 October 2019


10 October 2019

adrenalin + delicatessen (Scroll to the 10th of the October, please).

11 October 2019

Did you say, "just 260 km?"

Passat b3/Corrado new generation cluster with analogue bar meter:

12 October 2019

The above cluster is for a g60 with 274 km/h car like this, (Corrado Record prototype 1988, 220ps):

Having an extra transmission oil cooler, (and some other things, probably):

The best, ever, g60 car is a Passat Syncro b3, of course. So easy...

16 October 2019

A not just Golf MKII 1.8t but a Syncro, vs a BMW M5, (Scroll down please).

22 October 2019

Today's traffic. (Scroll down please).

The Syncro Heresy