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(Thanks God!).

  corona virus pandemic victims
rest in peace

Fight board


Familiar to my Syncroventions?

Tesla is smiling.

T.v. antenna unlike
any other, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y9M...ew?usp=sharing
floating valves not giving feedback https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogq...ew?usp=sharing
to each other.

No missing signals
from the air,
no blurred signals
on the air.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Beeps and bums 
and burning lights,
smokes and thunders
and delights,

currents, voltages
through air,
sparks and arcs
but no despair.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Yesterday a burning light
flawlessly hovering at night,
a message carrying to the site:

"Tesla is smiling". (From height).

The Syncro Heresy

07 April 2020

Coronavirus passport.

Any, exclusive, id, 
to break any quarantine?

Wanted halogens or leds,
wanted xenons or experts,
able to make any of these,
twin, triplet, forced aircooled, id's?

Since never-ever these,
clarity and colories,
will be under of the hood,
of any car running the route,

these airforced triplet id's,
exclusively for the b3's,
now are the only, needed, id's,
to break any quarantines!

The Syncro Heresy

What's new:
19 March 2021
Walking on the Parabola!  

 Introducing the Maria, Twin, Perfectly Focusing, halogen h4. .


 Some manufacturers say that their bulbs produce +130%, +150%, +200% more light.
Counting in watts, which is not absolutely correct but just to get the notion, it means 200% x 55watts = 165 watts simulation..
But 165 x 2 =330 watts conventional halogen simulation, (with just 110 watts of consumption). 
The oem anti glare shields  can be used. The b3s headlight does not produce any glare at all using The Twin  h4 halogen.
The focusing is perfect and never, ever, the b3s headlights where lighting so far away, high beams, or so strongly and relaxing, simultaneously, low beams.


More asap.


30 March 2021

Do you know what the led industry forgot to tell you? 

Their natural 5000k daylight gives inaccurate, unnatural, lighting!
The only CRI 100 is the yellowish, as they call it , halogen 3200k,
This is the only natural-artificial light, for any application and, especially, for our night driving.
This is why the halogen lighting is so relaxing to the eye.
"That's right - despite the awful energy efficiency of halogen and incandescent bulbs, they produce a full, natural and excellent light spectrum."
Please have a look: The CRI. 

03 April 2021

A study for the best results.

Circulating the inner air into the headlight for extended bulb life. Some fins on the reflector guarantee no damage to it.
A universal solution for, almost, any h4 headlight, for the best light quality, matrix ready.
All the above are a part of:

More asap.

05 April 2021

The Syncro Heresy

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