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(Thanks God!).

Familiar to my Syncroventions?


Are you a data freak? Yes, I am talking about the headlight bulbs! (Scroll down please).


Dutch white paper about the xenons. (Elements). Click on the above freaking link. 


#1 Day's traffic. (Scroll down please).



#1 The Twin Headlight Halogen Bulb? (Is coming).

#2 May be the Triplet?

#3 Twin coils. (Scroll down please).

Tesla is smiling.

T.v. antenna unlike
any other https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y9M...ew?usp=sharing
floating valves not giving feedback https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogq...ew?usp=sharing
to each other.

No missing signals
from the air
no blurred signals
on the air.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Bips and bums 
and burning lights
smokes and thunders
and delights,

currents, voltages
through air,
sparks and arcs
but no despair.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Yesterday a burning light
flawlessly hovering at night
a message carrying to the site:

"Tesla is smiling" (From height).

The Syncro Heresy


The Triplet Halogen. (Scroll down please).


Days traffic. (Scroll down please).