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(Thanks God!).

coronavirus pandemic victims
rest in peace

Fight board


Familiar to my Syncroventions?

Tesla is smiling.

T.v. antenna unlike
any other https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y9M...ew?usp=sharing
floating valves not giving feedback https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ogq...ew?usp=sharing
to each other.

No missing signals
from the air
no blurred signals
on the air.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Bips and bums 
and burning lights
smokes and thunders
and delights,

currents, voltages
through air,
sparks and arcs
but no despair.

Tesla is smiling. (From there).

Yesterday a burning light
flawlessly hovering at night
a message carrying to the site:

"Tesla is smiling". (From height).

The Syncro Heresy

What's new:

01 April 2020

The Forced Air Cooled h4 Ultra High Wattage Reversed Triplet Halogen, (phew, the beefier title ever for a headlight), project continuous. Headlight ready, new electric system under construction. 

03 April 2020

12:35 The high beams.

07 April 2020

Coronavirus passport.

Any, exclusive id, 
to break any quarantine?

Wanted halogens or leds,
wanted xenons or experts,
able to make any of these,
twin, triplet, forced aircooled, id's?

Since never-ever these,
clarity and colories,
will be under of the hood,
of any car running the route,

these airforced triplet id's,
exclusively for the b3's,
now are the only, needed, id's,
to break any quarantines!

31 May 2020

Everything is ready! Are you?

21 June 2020

A sneak peak:

28 June 2020

30 June 2020

New, (old stock), Projects:

a) The Surface Discharge Plasma Ignition, Cordon Rouge.

b)The Forced Aircooled Reversed Triplet Ultra High Wattage Halogen h4, mkII.

Someone, (a car electrologist), told me: "Do you know why you make these things? Because you have a lot of time! I am not going to make such things!"

So, just in the case you are wondering, this is the explanation!

Thank you for Your time, (because  mine is considered of a zero value. I am having a lot).

05 July 2020

The best, ever, Greek advertisement, for the Greek t.v.: the semi-forbidden, (for the Greece), Syncro camper and the triumph of  its  iconic positive   power:

06 July 2020

The above video is now within the best commercials with t3s: t3s in commercials.

07 July 2020

The Burning Θeta (Scroll down, please).


15 July 2020

The left headlight, sneak peak:

The initial.

The burning Θ.

It is a lumens vs lux fight,  when the law of the "Diminishing Marginal Returns " is reversed.

These are

The mkII Reversed, Forced Air cooled, Ultra High Wattage, Triplet h4/h3 Halogen headlights, (adaptive/matrix ready), with the

burning Θ.

I am hearing many Ph.d's saying:

#1 "You can run just a single halogen h4 bulb into a headlight".

But I am running 3+2(h3), working perfectly, 5 bulbs in total, forming a QUINTET.

#2 "You, marginally, can run a 100watts bulb into a plastic, (poly carbonate), headlight."

But I am running 145+100+100, (=345watts in total). And it is cool , really COOL!

#3 "The h4 headlight optics focuses just one bulb".

But it accommodates a Harmonic Quintet, too!

Tip: the two h3 bulbs use, partially , the reflector, and , partially, the central h4 bulb as a projector!

So, the total system is now, a, hybrid, reflector/projector system!

Did you expecting something less?

19 July 2020

Italian SKF cv boots: Front cv joints, change.
(Scroll down, please).

02 August 2020

The blog now is very restrictive to its bloggers. It is very difficult to write or to post anything.

Starting from that, new techniques are developed and  better solutions are energized  in order to keep the quality of the content stable. “Any obstacle is for good”, was my grandmothers slogan.

06 August 2020

 Syncronauts measurement.


The Syncro Heresy

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