Other author's inventions, (not having any link to the automobile idea, so not "syncroventions").

1) "The Theory of  The Multiple Urchins". (1980)

 Explains the creation and the structure of the cosmos, but going one step further ahead, analyzes a region at the final frontier of the human mind: the non existence.

22 December 2020

Some notes:

The "Multiple Urchins" theory accepts that there are infinite parallel universes, as well as, that, at another reality, (not dimension), there are not and, at another reality, there are just as many as the specific reality is "capable" and this is going on infinitely.


These realities exist as points on a two dimensional axle system with ++. - -, + -, - + quadrants, as well as, with three dimensional quadrants, as well as, with infinite dimensional quadrants.


A point on this system may be, simultaneously, on different quadrants having the same sign, but, as a part of a line which is coming through a point of a quadrant, may have a positive or a negative attitude, depending on their place on the line, having a 0 somewhere into the quadrant.


From a given point, infinite lines form an urchin, which is a reality with the same coordinates at various quadrants of the same sign, but the lines have slightly different coordinates, and these are the slightly different, (but almost identical), worlds, for a given reality.


Changing the quadrant and the existence becomes a positive possibility or a material world or an ideas world or a non existence nothing, (but with negative, infinite, non existent "realities")

Fake or not, he introduces some  principles of  the theory, mathematics excluded.

2) The "SY.PRO.TRE".. (1990)

A system for the absolute train protection from crash accidents.

03 March 2023


A multi death, (for the moment 47), and multi injured  train head on crash in Greece.


The “ΣΥ.ΠΡΟ.ΤΡΕ.” is the only answer to these, (and to any other), train accidents.






3)  "The floating valves". (2010)

No more acoustic feedback  through the valves of a stereo amplifier at high volumes with this system.

4) "The Televes (plus me)". (2012)

Perfect reception of  digital frequencies signal under difficult conditions.

5) "The 100+ used machines marketing". (2000)

How to sell, used, heavy, equipment at high prices and at high volumes. 

6) "You can find it anywhere". (2010)

For those who wear glasses, what to do,  in the case of an emergency, in order to be able to see.

7) "The climbing basket". (1970)

 For my mother, (and for all the mothers of the world), a wheel barrow, capable to climb the stairs, loaded with goods.

8) "Never electrocuted children again". (1970)

A system with automatic shut off of the electric sockets, for children protection.

9) "The spaceship pen". (1970)

A pen capable of writing at any angle.

10) "Pc silencer". (2000)

How to stop the Pc's ventilator to make noise, (1db-).

(and many more, plus the creation of cartoons, poems and short stories).

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