Syncronauts optimistic, (or pessimistic?), measurement.


Just now I recognize that the traffic counter is very optimistic.

For the moment, I wiil keep it, since it is the only indication about the traffic I may have, but, please, subtract, at least, 50%.

Thank you for your time.


After hosting at the Cloudflare, a new visitors statistic picture is coming in. It seems that, as at the Cloudflare they say, Google is counting those visitors with their Java script active, instead the Cloudflare's way, which counts any click on the "".

Saying that, now another headache is obvious: the official Google measurements are very, I mean, very pessimistic, showing five times less traffic than the actual one!

To give you an example, this is the Cloudflare counting as of 25/September/2017, 13:55 (GMT  + 02:00)

 This is a total of  788 visitors for the last 24 hours, which is a huge number, never ever achieved by this blog. 

But, according to the Google's statistics, this is the blog's traffic for the last 24 hours:

788 visitors vs 154, which means five times less! A counting difference is expected of course, due to the systems  differences,  but not that much!

Applying the  coefficient of 5 to the Google's "Pageviews all time history", it gives a total traffic of  113,000 instead of  22,600 visitors!

26/September/2017 Cloudflare

Total  242

26/September/2017 Google

27/September/2017 Cloudflare 12:45

Total 523

27/September/2017 Google 12:55

That is ten times less!

11  January  2020
(on canvas)

The unique visitors presented here today for the first time.