A young timer car. 

( "Road & track", article: "European Influence", of the '90s. 
The top rear bench rate:
Surpasses, by far, even that of the  Mercedes 190E!).        

                No nasty surprises!
                   (Audi S7,  from  the "Bild")




Air lifting.

b3 brochures.

b35i's active safety.

b3's advertisments, (printed pages from the international press).

b3's drawings.

b3's head units.

b3's passive safety.

Bumpers treatment.

Central locking, b35i.

Climatronic repair.

Commercial videos.

Cyborg! (The Power Halves).

"departure to heaven"

Engine cooler, easy fix.

Engine oil choice.

Freewheel, (the), an uncommon Syncro characteristic.

Front cv joints, change.

Fuel pump.

g60 vs TSI.

g60 vs vr6.

Lock the differentials.

Offroad, b3/b4.

Passatitsa's short stories.

Photos Passat B35i.(Anthology).
Power windows, O.E.M., investigation, service, anti noise treatment.

Real life crashes.

Reviews, Passat b35i Syncro.


"The Mercedes of the VW?"

The Teves II ABS.

The concept "Passat Syncro g60". (White paper).

The Engine Torque Damper

The engine, with the, unique, spiral, supercharger g60.

The propeller shaft: a master piece.

The radical electric system. 

The supercharger g60 on other engines.

Transmission problems, Syncro, front primary, rear secondary. A case study.

Underneath the Passat Syncro g60.

Videos from Youtube, b3, b35i.

Vs Haldex. 

Vs Tesla x.

Vs Quattro.

A trusted star

The Syncro Heresy