Vs Haldex.

Talking about the daily use of a car, and not for races, Haldex is inferior to Syncro in many ways, starting from the incompatibility to the use of the handbrake as a rear diff locker:

Haldex (I), no rear locker/handbrake capability.

Here you can see how much better a Syncro car reacts to an emergency with the use of the handbrake as a rear diff locker.

Normal, not modified Haldex, transfers only a percentage of the torque to the rear axle and exactly there the problem begins, making the VW to certify the system as capable for "light offroading" only. 

On the contrary, Syncro, due to the "hump phenomenon", (about which you can find here and here), transfers the total, 100% of the torque, to the secondary axle. 

In the above video, the owner of the Audi Quattro TT, (but Audi Haldex in reality, since Audi uses the term "Quattro" to name and the Haldex cars,  which are these with transversely installed engines), engaging the handbrake, discovers, (with desperation I suppose), that the rear axle is neutralized, due to the inefficiency of the system to overcome the friction of the rear brakes. 

But, in the real life use does this, really, matter?

(Especially if you know what the Syncro can do...)

I 'll let you decide:

 Skoda 4wd (Haldex)...

Volvo V70R, 2004. 

Syncro Steppenwolf.

Passat Syncro g60: a UPS car! 
(Objections rejected).


This never happens to a Syncro:


Haldex revealed.