Unknown aerodynamics.

A unique aerodynamic characteristic for a unique car.

The crystallized area is a secret, (never mentioned by VW, ( or anybody else)), spoiler, activated above the nominal car's upper limit, of 140 km/h.

This video gives you an idea about t3's aerodynamic flow.

This is the result.

So, that's why, in this review about Porsche b32....

.... they feel that "Porsche 911", (a car with 3-4 times less side surface), "is rather less stable in crosswinds..."

14/February/17 Update.

Today I 'll introduce to you  a second unique characteristic of this, really, 
really unique car.  
(Aerodynamic or hydrodynamic?).

As  far  as  I know,  the  same  condition  is  applied  to  this  observation, as to the above mentioned: 
there is not  never ever any reference  about it.

Firstly I recognized it traveling fast through a heavily snowed road on a mountain. My driver's window 
could  be open although the snow, (30-40 cm deep),  splashed   highly  at  least  up to the car's height, 
(2 meters almost), and nothing was coming in!

That  means  that  with a closed window, 100% of the  visibility  is  retained  even  in a very bad road 
conditions, so important  for  safety  reasons, and that there is one more, great, active safety point.


The phenomenon from the  inside, at 00:40.


Ten years ago envisioned a system to stabilize the t3 at the crosswinds. 

It is a part of an illusion about how the t3 could and should be, hoping that somewhere in the future I 'll present

The important think is, (as happens with a lot of my inventions which are materialized by others), the idea is presented by Bosch for motorcycles.