Photos Passat b35i. (Anthology).


First world presentation. Geneva.
(Historical photo).

The flip side of the photo.

   (Edited VW's brochure).

     (Edited VW's brochure).


Departure to Heaven.

Enlightened White.

Never Darkens


10 October 2019





Sophie just arrived, (at the old train station).

"Been traveling for awhile so I have some messages to respond to. The girl is running strong. Turning heads and making me smile every moment. Some recent pics below. The best reaction is quote, "What is that f*cking car?". And , "Is that a diesel Passat??" And having old and young people come up and ask, "Is that car real?" Hard to know what to say sometimes. Standard responds had been that it's a car VW should have made."
(Confirmed! The same phenomenon  here, (Greece), not only by the Greeks, but even by the German tourists).

With other g60's

+ Corado
 + Golf Rallye, (Syncro).