b3's head units.

12 December 2017

Green lighted head units, relevant to the cockpit style.

The why of the green, (oem), color is explained here: NATO night vision optimazation.


27 May 2021

05 September 2021
The Gamma III Syndrome

As the time, for the Passatitsa, to be an old timer car approaches rapidly, there is a need to be original at any aspect. The sweet undercover is to be tuned simultaneously, but within the original limits! Is this possible? Yes in most cases!
Here there are two of the original radio cassette  units.
The one for the European market, (1992, Gamma III Genesis), down, and the other for the U.S.A. market, (1995, Premium audio, Gamma III derivative), up.


Strange that the "Premium audio" is declared for the upper unit but the "Gamma III Genesis audio" is not declared for the lower.

You see the lower "Genesis"  is a unit with the capability to drive passive and active speakers but there is no  label reference for that.
Both are beautiful units with their black/white/green night lighting orientation and the feeling of their knobs is great, stiff, soft and accurate with clicking noises into the night for any adjustment. The Premium is made in Japan, (Clarion?), and the Genesis is made in Germany by Philips.
They are using  aluminum fins, (Premium audio), or a shining copper fat sheet, (Gamma III Genesis), for their cooling:

The Premium is a little bit heavier and seems as a better constructed unit.



 Their differences are more than their similarities but they are apparent only from their specs and from their inner.
 The Gamma III Genesis.
The first one for a service duty will be the Gamma III Genesis using only the four passive channels. Since my Passatitsa came with four speakers I am not going to change it.

It came used with the night vision illumination not working. It was a good chance to change the strange little bulbs with green hats to real pure green leds, to have a vivid night green  illumination as the Gamma IV has.
It took to me 70 hours of hard work! Because trying to take out the original bulbs damages to the tiny switches and their PCB board were unavoidable.
But the result is worthy! Please, you, Gamma constructors, at 1992, put in original green leds! Do you hear me, Perfect You? 

Lights on, please!


Here is the same unit with the original green, (almost), illumination:

(to be continued) 
 07 September 2021

 The Gamma III family.
Radio  CD players:


 Radio cassette players:
( This one may be Genesis without logo).