Commercial videos, Passat b3.



(With the handbrake as a rear  locker capability).

 The above are the introductory videos by VW.


 (A master piece).


( Resourceful).


(They cannot understand what they see, even 30 years later).

 (The heaviest VW limousine,  in the year 1988, I suppose).


As marketed in Japan.

Going South...

"Nothing impresses more..."

"Pourquoi tout ñ'a pas été conçu comme la Passât?"

"With g60 mechanical compressor, anticipating modern downsizing..."

Measures better.

17 November 2020

16 December 2022


A commercial video from Cosmote, a telephone company in Greece,

(Passat b3 is their choice):

23 August 2023

Two nice commercials from Spain: