Bus Changed My Life Tonight

by Jennifer Sarantites

Based on Someone Saved My Life Tonight, with music by Elton John and original lyrics by Bernie Taupin. Available on the album Love Songs (MCA, 1996). See the original lyricsthis link leaves

When I think of those highway miles,
Long, calm whiles,
Falling asleep in the poptop room "upstairs",
VW lovers, oh, you really should have been there,
Looking at the heavens perched up high in the perfect chair.

And it's great out here,
There's no city lights anymore.
The comet's so bright lately,
Perfect night for dreaming
Of VWs and stars.

And my bus changed my life tonight,
Way out here.
I almost fell to the big city,
It's better here.
Cities always make me so tired,
Commuting, hypnotized.
Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
I'm a Bus lover
And in my Bus I'm going to drive,
Drive away, far away, bye bye.

I've had to spend those many dollars,
Tune up for hours,
Visions of that perfect Bus in my dreams.
I've got the engine dressed up nice and clean
But I've not yet fixed the rust in the seams.
I'm up till four in the morning -
But I'm doing good,
I've fixed the wiper speed tonight
Just in time, thank god my Bus is still alive.


Yes, I know I've plunged headlong
Into the restoration river,
Clinging to Hoover and Muir,
But I feel I could do this forever.
I'm leaving in the morning,
With my Bus to take me home

My Bus changed my life tonight
My Bus changed my life tonight
My Bus changed my life tonight
My Bus changed my life tonight
My Bus changed my life tonight

So spend your cash
And in your Bus you're not alone


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Άκου διαβάτη της ζωής,
στο σύννεφο αυτό που ζεις
πολλά θ’ ακούσεις και θα δεις,
(και λίγα θα εκτιμήσεις).

Είναι ελάχιστα καλά

που δίνουν όραμα, κι αυτά,
συνήθως, είναι μακρινά,
στο τέλος, θα ταφήσεις.

Σαν θέλεις όμως να διαβείς
και δρόμους και βουνά και γης
και συ να επιχειρήσεις,

να ‘χεις σαν φίλτρο την χαρά
σ’ όλες τις συγκινήσεις,
βάλε στα πόδια σου φτερά
και κάνε…Syncroπτήσεις.

Είναι οι πτήσεις χαμηλές,
μα με τρελλή παρέα,
και όραμα σου δίνουνε
και μια ζωή ωραία!

Hellenic Vanagon 2016


by Robert Rountree


Yes, you. You, looking at this screen for hours on end, online. You, bleary eyed. You, a Vanagon Internet addict. Have you looked in the mirror lately? Been outside? Know what day of the week it is? Been out from under your Van lately? Know the chapters in your Bentley so well, you mumble to yourself........ No Cooling #19... not Water Tanks #76?

Your name was given to us by a spouse or family member who is concerned about your Vanagon internet addiction. At Vanagons Anonymous, we can help.

We're a non-profit society of recovering addicts like yourself that provides support and counseling through weekly meetings designed to help you cope with your problem.

We feature a twelve step recovery program and in extreme cases, interventions. Although it is our firm belief that you are never "cured," you most certainly can recover.

We have designed a brief checklist to determine if you are a Vanagon addict. Do you:

1. Have twitches of the head when you walk by your Vanagon?

2. Check Your e-mail more than 3 times a day?

3. Spend more time reading/replying to e-mail than eating or sleeping?

4. Surf aimlessly looking for Vanagon related topics?

5. Leave your name and information at countless sites if only to hope you'll receive a reply one day from a company about some new shock, spring rate, trailer hitch or battery?

6. Log on before important personal habits, such as meal preparation, hygiene or bodily functions?

7. Have red, swollen eyes that hang halfway out of your head?

8. Spend hours online on a holiday from work, where you'd usually be griping about your carpal tunnel syndrome?

9. Keep imagining you see a coolant drop on your garage floor, or think you feel a slight hesitation under power, Keep asking yourself...... did I have to shift into 3rd last last time I came up this hill?... is that smell antifreeze?

10. All of the above?

If you answered yes to four or more questions (or chose #10), you have a problem. Please call us at Vanagon Anonymous at:


We're here, we're free, and we're confidential. The first step to recovery is admission that you have a problem.

Call us today.
(If you can power off to free up your phone line,that is.)

[email protected]
Copyright © 1997-2001, Ron Lussier. All rights reserved.

Vanagon song.

A Christmas  poem.


the night before Christmas, And all through the trails,

Every 4x4 stranded, Their progress like snails.

They had no shovels, No rope and no winch,

No CB, no cell-phone, To get out of their pinch.

When out from a mud pit, There arose such a clatter;

All the 'wheelers came running To see what was the matter.

I saw some poor Toyota All covered in crud;

He had blown his motor trying to get free of the mud.

As he stood there I noticed His glowing red face,

And I knew in an instant He wanted out of this place.

I glanced at his roof, It was all I could see;

He pleaded for help From my Syncro and from me.

So I sprang to the front Of my trusty old Van,

Pulled out the tow strap, Said "Hook 'er up, man!"

He went for a swim In the watery hell, and

I laughed as he turned brown, And started to smell.

He hooked up the strap to his buried front hook,

I put a coat on the line Like it says in the book.

I pulled him out quickly, A very fast session;

And I charged him a C-note, To teach him a lesson.

I then drove my Syncro through the same mud in low gear;

No problem for me, 'Cause I 'm locked front and rear!

I wound down my window as I drove out of sight,

And smugly yelled "Next time Stay home Christmas night!"
(Bold is mine).