Underneath the Passat Syncro g60.


A strange thing is that in any photo or video of a b3 I can find, the middle protective skid and the middle left and right sound suppressor panels are missing. The right one is a fuel filter stone shield, too. 

All these were missing from my car, so here there is my new installation:

This skid, with its four bolt points, seems to be strongly enough as a an emergency body erasing point. 
Is it a body reinforcement too?

The available photos, up to now, are like this:

It is a skid/panels ready situation, (there are the chassis installation points), but the parts are missing.

The ETKA refers these parts as to be identical for the 2wd and the 4wd editions. But the part numbers are available for the 2wd only.

The fact is that there must be some alterations for the 2wd parts in order to be compatible to the 4wd middle body.

Why there is no photo of these parts installed on a car?