vs Mitsubish Delica, (L 300 Europe, Starwagon Oceania).

No, it is not the same thing for a million reasons.
But, if you want to sell a "similar" car, nowdays, you have to convince people that is "the same thing".

 This is an advertisement at Ebay, of 19/January/17.

So this car is advertised as a "Volkswagen Delica Vanagon Mitsubishi" (plus)!!!

I cannot believe it! Do you? 

A car which is a  veritable death trap,

                                          The big "endo"


(A car for your children and for your grand children:)

                                     Todesflieger RallyRalf

 has to be called "Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro" in order to be sell!

And it has 10 views per hour!

A comparative review from an ignorant journalist. (No, you cannot compare these, totally unequal, cars). 

How VW self compares to Toyota, (Tarago), mentioned in the above three member test.

(But it seems that even VW didn't know:

  Toyota Previa/Tarago IIHS offset crash test. (With airbags!!!)

It must be stressed here, that, after this test, the director of the IIHS, as an owner of a Previa, decided to scrap it:

VW's marketing department, yes they who were saying that a t3 is...enough safe, "just like a Golf", did it again. Unforgivable. ).

The Syncro Heresy