t3's active safety.

#1 Rear suspension:

On the left is a conventional geometry arm.
On the right is t3's.

Because of the resistance in the movement of the  unequal strands arm, (right arm), the silent blocks are stiffening, in any deviation from the parallel to the ground position,  controlling their compliance according to the circumstances, in a preprogrammed manner.

If the elimination of the toe-out is achieved, (as above mentioned about Carrera's arm), and especially under heavy load conditions, it is not absolutely sure, but there must be a very remarkable reduction, at least. 
 (You see, there is no reference in any manual about this).

#2 Front suspension:

#3 Unique aerodynamic stabilization characteristic:

More about this you can find here:

#4 50%-50% axle load distribution, (even when loaded!):


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