The Freewheel



Electropneumatic actuator repair. The rubber bellow is destroyed, and a new, by expanded teflon, is made.

There is a perfect operation after the repair. We 'll see...


Now I can see how the freewheel lock acts when in perfect condition.

There is a difference between the behavior I see vs the internet references. 

It may be due the ABS/EDL presence in Passatitsa.

#1 It engages immediately choosing the reverse gear. (In some cases there is a delay for a meter or two, may be a matter of sync(h)ronization).

#2 Disengages immediately going forward using the first or the second gear, (the second is used by Passatitsa after the Surface Discharge Plasma installation). 

And this is the major difference vs the reports I see, where is mentioned, that you have to choose the third or the fifth gear, having a speed of >30 km/h to disengage the locker. And the explanation given is that in this way there is no need for the system to oscillate, continuously, in the case the car is stacked and the driver uses the first and the reverse to unstuck.