g60 vs TSI


A g60 vs TSI comparison? Only as a joke.

So let the show begin:

TSI presentation.

TSI on the road vs g60

TSI on the bench.

From the country of origin: 91.000 km., caput!

Here is interesting to stress that a g60 is a non interference engine

And, most importantly, never has problems with the timing belt, (yes, the quiet belt vs the Fiat 124, diesel sounding,  timing chain).

300.000 km., f.ex., without opening, for any reason the engine? Yes, it is very common for a g60 motor, exactly what is happening to mine.

But is TSI more economic than a g60?

My data are from a special data portal from Canada. It is a governmental try against the car manufacturers which, in some cases, are a little bit optimistic: 

From the 2018 archive, (English), we can compare a car similar to my Passat Syncro g60, in terms of weight, engine power, transmission and size, the Golf Alltrack, (4x4):

So here we can see the following: 

Consumption, (l/100km):

Golf Sportwagen 1.8 TSI, 4 motion, manual.

City: 10.8

Highway: 7.6

From the Canadian Passat brochure, (which can be found here: click), we can see:

Passat g60 Syncro, (manufacturers 1992, absolutely realistic, data, confirmed by me every day).

City: 11.5 (10.8)

Highway: 7.2 (6.7)

Here I give you a 6% minimized value in parentheses, which is achieved by simply changing the spark plugs with the surface discharge spark plugs which you can see here: click . 
(This 6% is according various international aerospace organisms, and, to my humble opinion, is an underestimation).

Direct injection.

g60: ported, multi point injection.
TSI: direct injection.
VW tech of 5 years here... This doesn't surprise me actually! The previous gen of 2.0 TSI engines were nightmare fuel. Carbon buildup in the intake ports, jumped timing chains, rear main seal leaks over and over... The first Mk.7 GTI issue I saw was a 2.0 TSI dropped a crankshaft shim after 500km in the car. Only made noise when pushing the clutch in to change gears. Couldn't find the issue until one of our techs happened to hear a rattling in the oil pan while dropping the trans. Pulled the oil pan and the shim was staring us in the face. Needless to say, VW shipped us a long block fast and was really curious about the whole ordeal..."


Sound comparison?

1.8 tsi (No it is not diesel, broken or a FIAT 124. This sound is the normal operation sound, the same you can here after the full restoration of the Skoda TSI engine of the previous video).

                                                               g60 27 years, 290.000 k.m., after. Never opened, no repairs.

25 June 2022