Reviews, Passat b35i Syncro.


"And BMW or Mercedes drivers are already a bit troublesome when the Passat passes past them like a string".
(Into the red window).

The same happens when you have it with ABT Digifant chip of the 190 hp, and the added power of the  surface discharge ignition and the suction optimization.

But, after that, you must be ready:

 (Something similar has happened twice to me).

Please, keep in mind that the "Auto Bild"'s review is written 26 years ago, at the production era of the b35i.

Today, (especially in Greece, where only 5 cars imported officially at those times), b35i is absolutely unknown and the  Mercedes and BMW drivers are quite astonished trying to understand what this bizarre object, head on at 240 km/h, is!

(For more on that,  please check here: Passatitsa's short stories.).


"I was very impressed by its performance and, when a geriatric Golf staggered out into the fast line in front of me when I was doing 120mph, (194 km/h), by its brakes''.
(Page 3, into the red window).

  One point to the above review: as a matter of fact, the appearance of the b3 series, today is considered as a separate aesthetic school. The beetle, the 411/412 and the b3 are the only,  distinctive,  exceptional members, with the b3 being  the only "air cooled", (like), water cooled vw.


"In addition, the excellent traction of the Syncro: whether in a tipping point, in wet or on loose ground - the Passat Does not lose time with uselessly spinning wheels, but goes very impressively forward".
(Page 2, into the red windows).


And the, absolutely respected, opposite opinion, is in the 

# 4 review.

"It is still all  there....MacPherson strut front and torsion beam rear suspensions..."
(into the red window)


But...wait...torsion beam rear suspension for the Syncro?

Here we can see  how is, really,  the torsion beam rear suspension: 

Passat b3 2wd, rear suspension.

 So...(please believe me), reviewers, in some cases, do not know what they are talking about!

Passat b35i g60 Syncro, has this rear suspension:

 with this tip:

Rear tracking or passive 4 wheel steering

  This suspension is described like this, (by the manufacturer): 

  "Semi trailing arm rear axle, 20 mm stabilizer bar, coil springs, (or air springs), telescopic shock absorbers".

And it is called "all wheel tracking", (since something similar exists for the front wheels, too):

 Front tracking.

Please, do not confuse the "all wheel tracking" with the "all wheel drive", they are two absolutely separate systems.

The "rear wheel tracking" is the subject of  Mr. Ch. Chatzikomisch, "Vehicle Dynamics", (doctoral thesis),  4WS VS ESC, that I am trying to prepare in order to introduce to you.

But the above is not the only strange idea of  this review... 


 "Passat wins top towing car title"

2 or 4 wd? In any case it counts.

Just imagine how much better from the 2wd  is the Syncro for towing. So, if the distinction is for the 2wd, (99% is for the 2wd), the Syncro is, even by nowadays standards,   a very capable hauler. 

F. ex.:

The  Sheriff''s choice.

The  international movers choice!


Here the strongest spurts!
(Auto Bild, July 1989)